Geo Lab Drilling

Geo Lab Drilling is an established and reputable, client-focused provider of drilling, probing, and remediation services across the Southeastern United States. We offer a range of services including environmental and geotechnical sampling of soil, vapor and groundwater using Direct-Push Technology (DPT) and Hollow-Stem Auger (HSA) systems. Additionally, we provide a variety of well installation services utilizing DPT, HSA, DTH Air-Hammer drilling, and Rock Coring technologies for the installation of piezometers, monitoring, remediation system, and injection wells.


Geo Lab was designed to be ‘Customer Centric’ at its inception in 1997, and this theme remains evident in all we do, still today. We aim to create a positive client experience from the point of sale, through the final invoice, and at all points of interaction along the way. At the project site, Customer Centric equates to field personnel that desire to work quickly and efficiently, while remaining flexible to address changing conditions and emerging project requirements. The goal, simply put, is timely project completion above and beyond expectations. We accomplish this by being results oriented and providing clients’ with highly skilled professionals that provide an invaluable level of experience to the project site, while maintaining safety as job one. We bring years of project experience to every phone call and site visit and maintain a level of courtesy and professionalism unsurpassed in the industry. Our focus is not simply to perform well, but to become a partner with shared goals and measures of success. Backed by a support team of astute and dedicated operations managers and site auditors, we’re not just prepared to offer immediate assistance to your projects when challenges arise, we’re there to provide groundbreaking solutions for all your project needs!