Geo Lab's extensive experience developing and implementing in-situ chemical injection systems for the successful remediation of contaminated soil and groundwater sites has provided innovative, yet cost effective, remediation solutions for our clients through the years. Our success is a combination of our continued investment in injection technologies, coupled with countless hours of field experience on complex and challenging remediation projects. Additionally, we offer implementation of a number of remediation solutions beyond chemical injection systems. Details of our remediation capabilities are provided below. Click to view recent Remediation Projects that we've partnered on with clients!

Chemical Injection with Design Support

  • ISCO, ISCR & Bioremediation
        High Pressure Delivery Systems for ZVI and Viscous Reagants
        High Volume Pumps (Shearing / Metering / Injection)
        Customizable Flow & Pressure Monitoring Equipment (Low-flow Precision Applications and High-flow Systems)
        Customized Top-Down & Bottom-Up DPT Injection Tooling
        Mobile Mixing Platforms / Injection Trailers
        Nitrogen/Argon Delivery Systems for Cultured Amendments
        DPT Injection Rod Advancement / Injection Well Installations
        DPT Confirmation Sampling
  • Permeable Reactive Barriers
        12-point Injection Manifold
        Tooling Diameter Variations
  • Chemical Injection Support Services

Soil Blending & Trenching Applications

  • In-situ / Ex-situ Mixing
  • Site Restoration

Electrical Resistance Heating (Thermal Remediation)

  • Electrode and Temperature Probe Installation via Hollow-Stem Auger

Conventional Remediation Systems

  • Air Sparge
  • Soil Vapor Extraction
  • Product Recovery